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Christ's Birth/Christmas

Songs to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and the people and feelings that surround that holiday.  A mix of solo, duet and choral selections.


Arrangements of popular hymns and Christmas songs not found in the public domain. Solos and Choral selections are available for incidental, non-commercial home or church use.


A selection of SATB musical selections of original music and arrangements of popular hymns/scriptures.


String and Piano medleys of popular Christmas songs and hymns.

If I Had Known My Saviour

Dramatic ballad detailing emotions and feelings leading up to Christ's crucifixion.

Solo sung by female or male voice. 

Range: G3 - Eb5 (C minor)

Stories from the early Pioneers that inspire modern day hope and belief in the Saviour.  

Solo sung by female or male voice.

Range: A3 - F5 (C Major)

Just Believe

The feelings of those who witnessed Christ's sacrifice and Atonement and the hope He gives us today. 

Solo sung by female or male voice.

Range: G3 - C5 (C Major)

The Bitter Cup
A Babe in Bethlehem to Me

The singer reflects on what the birth of the Saviour means to them and what it must have meant to those across the world on that sacred night.

Solo for female or male voice

Range: G#3 - D5 (A minor)

Mary's perspective of Christ's birth.

Solo for female voice * Duet for two females

Range: B3 - E5 (A minor)

The Saviour of Us All

The Sherpherd's perspective of the miracle of Christ's birth.

Solo for female or male voice * Duet for either gender.

Range: G3 - D5 (C major/Various)

The Shepherd's Tale
Be Still

A dramatic Choral work based on

Psalms 46:10, "Be Still and Know that I am God".  

SATB div. Choir * Trio for Tenor, Sop & Alto. Skilled/Advanced.

Key: Bb Major/Various

A Choral work celebrating Christ's birth.

SSAATB Choir, with Piano.  Moderately Skilled.

Key: D Major

Let the World Remember Him
Jesus the Very Thought of Thee
Arrangements - Not in the public domain -
Abide With Me, Abide

A solemn elegy reflecting on life after death and hope in Christ.

Duet for either gender

Key: G Major

An arrangement of the hymn "Each Life That Touches Ours for Good"

Vocal Solo for female or male voice

Range: G3 - D5 (Bb Major/Various)

Each Life that Touches Ours for Good

An arrangement of the hymn, "Jesus the Very Thought of Thee".

Duet for female voices * SA Choir.  Moderately Easy.

Key: D Major/Various

A powerful ballad delving into the atonement, repentance and hope.

Solo for female or male voice

Range: F#3 - D5 (G Major/Various)

The Armour of God
Christmas String Medley

A Medley of Christmas songs: We Three Kings, Once in Royal David's CIity, Hark the Herald Angels Sing and Joy to the World, 

String Ensemble for Violin 1&2, Viola and Cello. Beg/Intermediate Level. 

Key: G Major/Various

A Medley of Christmas Songs featuring the Viola: What Child is This, The First Noel and O Holy Night.

String Trio with Piano - featuring Viola.  with Violin 1&2 and Piano 

Intermediate/Advanced level

Key: G Major/Various

Christmas Viola Medley

A fun arrangement of "I'm Geting Nuttin' for Christmas.

String Quartet for Violin 1&2, Viola and Cell0. 

Beg/Intermediate level.

Key: D Major/Various

Nuttin' for Christmas
"Mary's Lullaby"

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Songs that delve into the atonement of Jesus Christ.  Solo selections for male or female singers.

Copyright © 2018 The Spiritual SweetSpot

A dramatic ballad describing how to find Joy in the Journey, through Christ.

Solo for female or male voice

Range: A3 - D5 (D Minor)

He is the Joy













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SweetSpot Saturday.

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Welcome to SweetSpot Saturday.  Every 3rd Saturday of the month, starting April 21, 2018, there will be a brand new original song featured.  A little musical sweetspot to add to the collection of tunes for purchase.

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These arrangements are not in the public domain and therefore cannot be purchased.  They are available for incidental, Non-commercial church or home use.

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A Choral arrangement of the hymn "On This Day of Joy and Gladness"

Two part choir with descant

Key: C Major/Various

On This Day of Joy and Gladness

A Choral arrangement of the hymns "I Love to See the Temple/I Am a Child of God." For Choir or Vocal solo.

SATB Choir

Key: F Major

I Love to See the Temple | I Am a
Child of God

*Performed by Zoe Pepper.

*Performed by Zoe Pepper.

*Please be advised that all music purchased through this site is protected by copyright law.  Copying of any kind is prohibited and purchases must not be copied or otherwise distributed in any way. (Electronically or Hard Copy)

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Inspirational Single




I wrote this song about 5 years ago in a tiny little apartment in Vancouver - and when I say small, I mean microscopic.  I think I had a used futon that served as a couch that sat basically in my kitchen, a small red coffee table from IKEA and a second hand desk I had borrowed from my landlord. Which was actually a step up, because the apt I had before contained a blow up bed...and a blow up bed. Okay, there were also some random dishes, including, I am embarrassed to admit, a stack of plastic plates that I would wash and reuse! But they were Blue, and that was exciting!

It was coming on Easter and I was contemplating my life and where I was I'm sure so many of us do at many times over the course of our lives.  I had just been asked to sing at a church function and they suggested some songs that were about Easter - happy little tunes - but I couldn’t get the atonement out of my head. I wanted to sing something real, I wanted to write something real and then the thought came to me. 'lf I had known my Saviour' and then the rest of it just came together from there. 

These words come back to me all the time because sometimes I honestly don't know what I would have done.  I hope that I would have chosen Him, but I really don't know, and it makes me want to try harder and be stronger to fight for things that are important and that I believe in and not turn the other way because of fear.

So here is the song. It is an acoustic version, because I love the simpleness and beauty of it. I hope you enjoy this little SweetSpot and are able to live your lives with joy and not fear.

Hilary Hornberger

If I Had Known My Saviour (Acoustic)

Written and Performed by:  Hilary Hornberger

A dramatic ballad revealing emotions and feelings leading up to Christ's crucifixion.

MP3 Recordings

Professonal MP3 recordings of the SweetSpot Songs.

A poignant journey through Christ's life, and the 'song' we all sing once we come to know Him.

Solo for female or male voice

Range: A3 - F5 (d minor)

His Song


A joyful duet celebrating serving a mission and the blessings that will result not only in the missionary's life, but in those they teach.

Duet for either gender

Range: B3 - C5 (G Major)

Leaving on a Mission



Artistically arranged and Improvised versions of popular hymns for your listening enjoyment.

Click below to purchase songs: 

Album (9 songs)- $15.00

Individually - $1.99/ea

Piano Improv Series

Hilary Hornberger


Arranged and Performed by:  Hilary Hornberger

Inspired by a new project to take popular and favourite hymns and create beautiful and improvisational arrangements of them for your listening enjoyment.

Inspirational Piano


Album (9 Songs) - $15.00

Individually - $1.99




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